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Linda Ireland
From: Junction City, Oregon

July 31, 2009

My family has been renting houses from Yachats Village Rentals for what seems like years, I have always been happy with the houses, it has been my goal to try them all, Michael is very easy to work with, and has taken care of any problems we may have had. It is a great little town, and a beautiful beach. I love the new web site.

From: Corvallis OR

July 24, 2009

What a delightful way to escape and rejuvenate! My family has rented serval homes over the past few years and each one is clean, well kept, maintained and well loved. I have nothing but praise for this incredibly valuable service. Thank you, Michael, for providing a home away from home when and as needed.

Brent and Denise
From: Gardnerville, Nevada

July 09, 2009

We just love the Round Rock House!!! We starting coming when our kids were in 1st and 2nd they're 23 and 21 years old! The added patio and steps are first class, and a dishwasher - what a treat for me!

Julian M.
From: San Diego

July 08, 2009

Circles by the sea is always really fun to stay at. These huge windows provide a great view and we saw many whales. Lots of stuff to do in this house and in Yachats. Expect us back.

Paul and Pam Godfrey
From: Terrebonne, Oregon

July 01, 2009

We have been renting homes from Yachats Village Rentals since 1995 and feel like Michael is a good friend. We have always been so happy wherever we have stayed, and Yachats itself is a special treasure on the coast. Thanks for your great service and all the years of friendship! LOVE the new look of the website!
"The Last Minute Godfreys"

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